Members Area Login FAQ

Please read through this page carefully if you have lost your login information, are having trouble logging in, or did not receive your login information within 48 hours. 

Pick the questions that best apply to you:

Have you not received your "Welcome" message in your email box?

You will need to receive your welcome message before you can log in. 

Read the "Kit Has Not Arrived Yet" FAQ to determine why you did not receive your welcome message, and fill out the form to request a resend of your welcome email message.

Is your username & password just not working?

99.9% of the questions we receive about a new member password not working correctly are answered when the user realizes they've been typing in the wrong thing.  So please read the following very carefully if you are having trouble:

Check to see that your username & password are typed in the correct case.  UPPER and lower case letter must be typed exactly, as case does matter in this system. 

Be sure there are no extra spaces before or after your username or password.

Some email programs make it difficult to read the letters correctly.  Copy and paste your username & password text from your welcome message into Wordpad or Notepad, and increase the font size in order read the text more easily.

Be sure that you do not confuse letters with numbers.  For example,  O and 0 (zero) as well as l (L) and 1 (one) can look similar.  Generally PUPS passwords will not include the following letters because they are too easily confused:  i I  L l 1 0 O o

Did you forget or lose your username or password?

Use the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD function to reset your password for the areas that require your Members Area username & password.  You can find a link to this on the Members Area Login page.  To use this function, simply enter the email address that you personally stored on your Private Member Profile (This may be different than the email you placed on your directory listing) into the form.

This function will immediately assign a brand new random TEMPORARY password to your account.   An email will be sent with instructions and the new password.  Your current username will be included in the email.  The password MUST be activated by you via email reply before it can be used, as per the instructions.

If you click the "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" function multiple times, only the very latest temporary password can be activated.

Did you try the "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" function, and it said your email address was not recognized?

You must put in your current Member Private Profile email address in order to reset your password.  Generally this will be the email address you used when you purchased your membership, unless you've since changed it.

This is NOT the same email address as on your Directory Listing/Public Profile, unless you set both to the same value.

Did you try the "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" function, and it didn't send you an email as promised?

Please check your spam/bulk folder.   The message should arrive to your inbox or spam/bulk folder within 15 minutes of requesting it.

Did you try the "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" function, and the new password just doesn't work?

Many users miss the part of the email that says you need to reactivate your account before you use the new password provided.  Be sure you've clicked on the link provided in the email before you try the new password.  

If you click the "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" function multiple times, only the latest email message is valid.

Do you just want to change your username or password?

To change your username & password, go to the Members Area and choose Member Private Profile.  You will need to know your current username & password in order to login.

Did you lose all your password, username, AND access to the  email account listed on your profile?  Or are still having trouble logging in?

If you need your Member Private Profile email address/username/password changed and/or your membership reviewed by us by hand, the research fee is $10.00.

You must provide us with receipt showing proof of membership before we can help you further.  Please mail a copy of your PayPal or Google original email receipt for membership, including the original email address it was sent to.  

If you have forgotten your username & password, and now or at one time did not have a working email address listed on your Member Private Profile, then your PUPS account may have been terminated.  A valid working email address is required at all times.  If your membership has been terminated due to a non-functioning email address, it cannot be reinstated.

Our mailing address is:

130 Lake Ashley Dr.  
Kingsland, GA 31548

Your mailed request will be discarded if it does not include all of the following for verification & communication purposes:

  • Your name
  • Original email address
  • New email address
  • Business name
  • Your mailing address
  • A photocopy of your original PayPal or Google receipt with order number & date
  • A check or money order for $10.00, made out to Professional United Pet Sitters LLC. You may instead pay by credit card via PayPal and include a copy of the printed payment receipt with your mailed items.  Checks may be on hold for 5 -7 business days after cashing.

We will review the information you have provided, and may attempt to contact the owner of the original email address (giving them 10-15 days to respond) before further actions are taking.   


If we accept your request for the change, it will most likely be made within 45 days after we receive your mailed request and the check has cleared.

We reserve the right to reject change requests. If your membership was terminated, put on probation, or limited in any way for any reason then your request may be denied. See our LEGAL TERMS for more information about membership terms.  If your original termination notification email states that any new memberships you create will be terminated without a refund, then any new membership payments or research & change request fees will likely not be refunded.

Did you lose all your current membership information including receipt?

If you did not keep your receipt as proof of membership as required, you will need to purchase a new membership. We reserve the right to reject new memberships. If your membership was terminated, put on probation, or limited in any way then new requests for membership request will likely be denied. See our LEGAL TERMS for more information about membership terms.