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All other new items & future added files and updates are added directly to the same online archive, so you will be able to access them even when added after your purchase. An UPDATES file lists all changes to the archive, so you can just check there periodically for new items that may interest you. All for no extra charge!


Formats - Documents are Word, Excel, PDF, Publisher, and HTML Compatible Items as listed above

Forms provided are electronic and FULLY editable & customizable if you have the right editing software.  The forms can be printed on your home printer, or sent to a professional printer.  Printed hardcopies or PDFs may also be available as an add-on - contact us before purchasing to discuss this option. 

Microsoft Word & Excel, or Compatible Freeware 
You will want to have Microsoft Word or another compatible Office application (many of which are available for FREE). Currently the Word based forms are in available in two Word formats so that they are compatible with both new and older versions of Word. 

Some of the tools (Scheduling sheets, mileage tracking, etc) are based in Microsoft Excel so you will want to have Excel (or the compatible freeware) also.

A list of web links to download free office-compatible software (Word, Excel, PDF & Image editors) programs is included with your purchase.    Links for Mac user free office-compatible software are also available.


The latest versions of of the Service Request and a few other forms are also available as HTML documents so that they could be modified by web programmers and placed online. To view or print any html file, simply open it in Internet Explorer or Netscape. Basic users can customize html files by simply changing the business name in the file, and renaming your logo file. Simple changes such as this can be done using Notepad, or any HTML / Text editing tool.   The recommend editing HTML tool for formatting or large scale changes is Microsoft's Front Page.

Forms Sample

***For those that do not feel comfortable editing HTML, (non-HTML) MS Wordversions of these forms are also included (appearance varies). 



These files & documents are perfect because they are completely customizable. I have been told by past purchasers (including other pet sitting form-sellers on Ebay - check the feedback they left for me!) that they are much more complete and professional looking than anything else they could find anywhere or make themselves.

Style & Design

The files are created with very little color, and condensed to as few sheets as possible (as professional formatting would allow) in order to conserve paper and ink - an important feature for beginning sitters! The packets included are set up to be printed 2 sided to save more paper, or 1 sided if you prefer this format.

Many other forms available for sale elsewhere are developed by people with little or no experience pet sitting for a profit - and they just aren't organized in a practical, efficient manner. we developed these when we could not find anything ourselves that was complete enough, or that fit on the fewest sheets possible (NO client wants to fill out 30 pages every time they book a visit!!! Don't ask for information you already have again and again!). These forms have been edited thousands of times to make them the best they can be based on our experiences.

Make sure you get a preview of any seller's forms before you buy them. Good forms need to be flowing, professional, AND complete. Also, be sure that your seller is a pet sitter or dog walker, as it does take real experience to learn how to organize good forms, including what to put in and what to leave out. Lastly, make sure there is a space and instructions on how to CUSTOMIZE the forms YOURSELF with your business name and logo, as well as other changes required for your needs. There is nothing worse then being stuck with something that doesn't grow with your business! Or even worse - doesn't work with your software!

You are also welcome to view selected sample packets of our most current files in PDF format at . The forms you purchase will be fully customizable (unlike the view-only samples here), in separate files for each form, and all references to Happy At Home and PUPS have been removed except for the tiny copyright message at the bottom of some forms. There is a placeholder for your logo alongside your business name. This purchase includes use by your pet sitting business and its employees. Form formats / templates are non-transferable to ICs or other businesses, even if customized. Copyright infringement of any sort will not be tolerated and we do periodic searches for possible theft of our materials. We put a lot of work into making these available cheaply for everyone - please respect our efforts!

New format forms

Be sure to check out our style with full color headings that allow you to easily locate the correct form in a hurry. You will be able to access all the forms in both formats.



No items are shipped with Basic Membership, as the files will be available for you to download*.

For those members who choose CD membership, shipping and handling of the CD is already included in the price listed above. No other items will be mailed. Expedited shipping is not available, and all CDs are shipped via USPS first class mail.

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