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These are your most important items when used in conjunction with the Ongoing Service Forms below.  They are built to be concise, flowing, and detailed.  Your clients will love not having to fill out the same information on multiple sheets like they often do with other services.  You will love being easily guided through initial interviews by the format of these items.  If you put these together in one big file, you'll be ready to print a last minute new client consultation pack in one easy step!

Contact Information

Completed during the initial consultation. Includes personal contact information, as well as emergency contacts. 1 page, print on back side of Home Guide to save paper. 3 formats included: HTML, MS Word, and Excel.

Contact Information Cards

Optional alternative to using the Contact Information form.  Formatted for printing on 5" X 8.5“ cards for filing. Print on different colored cards to sort by area, or visit lengths. 1 side, MS Word based.

Legal Considerations Agreement

Outlines legal Considerations, terms, insurance info, refund policy, and additional charges. 2 pages, MS Word based.

Veterinarian Release Agreement

Signed by the client, in case pet requires emergency medical care. 1 page, MS Word based.

Home Guide

Allows client to give detailed information regarding care of their home, entry instructions, trash collection, plant care, locations of important care items, snow removal, and more. 1 page. 3 formats included: HTML, MS Word, and Excel.

Pet Information

Allows client to give detailed information regarding each pet you are to care for. Details animal’s temperament, medical history, feeding instructions, play requirements, containment, and more. Also includes vet contact information (as Vet can often vary pet to pet or species to species). Main versions are 2 Pages (alternate version available in more detail - 3 pages). A separate version is included specifically for Livestock, including Horses. MS Word based.

Rates Sheet

Includes visit descriptions, travel pricing information, important terms, and cancellation terms. MS Word based.

Initial Consultation Guide

A one page initial consultation preparation checklist, followed by 2 pages of detailed instructions to guide you through an entire Initial Consultation (also sometimes known as a Meet and Greet, or Booking Interview). Learn the steps to be confident and win the job every time, from day one. MS Word based.

Service Request (Pet Sitting & Dog Walking)

Completed by the client each time service is requested. Outlines all the tasks to be completed and the special"while you are gone" contact information. Also calculates the fees for service when HTML or CGI version is used in Internet Explorer. 1 page, recommended version is HTML based. Also, A CGI version is ready for customization and uploading right to your web server for online use. MS Word, PDF, HTML, or CGI

Specialized separate Service Requests are also included for Pet Taxi Services, Poop Scooping, Doggy Daycare, and Boarding. 

The Service Request form is available in a few different versions, including a MS Word version, an HTML version, and a web enabled .cgi version of the Service Request that can be uploaded to your web server.

Test a fully functional and available sample of the Web Enabled Service Request form here. Have your clients submit detailed requests via the web, and do without the hassle of playing phone tag for the missing information common to call in requests.  Use of the functional online Service Request form requires that your website be hosted on the most common type of web server, a Unix/Linux server.  Your host must support CGI/PERL and the common PERL sendmail function.   The 2 files included (the submit request form, and the resulting emailed request form) can be easily edited to customize the form with your business name and information using a text editor like notepad. The customizations are numbered in the file with specific directions to help you along, and shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes to fully customize. Your host will have more information on how to upload the files onto your host server, so that you can have them functional within minutes.  We'll even do the work of minor customizations and uploading for you if you get stuck!

Vacation Log

Pet Sitter will put a new entry into this log sheet during each visit to a client’s home. Most clients just love to read about how you spent time with their “kid” when they return home from their trip, and how great yet unique their pet was while they were away. MS Word, 1 page.

Client Payment Receipt

MS Word, 1 page.

Daily / Periodic Daytime Care Thank You / Client Evaluation form

Questionnaire to be periodically filled out by daily care clients. Includes request for use as a referral in the future and referral contact information. MS Word, 1 page.

Vacation Care Thank You - Call Us / Client Evaluation

Questionnaire clients can fill out after service is complete. Includes request for use as a referral in the future and referral contact information. MS Word, 1 page.

Visitor Notice & Instructions 

A 1 page document for your client to leave out for alternate caregivers, other contracted help, and emergency personnel. Includes contact information, emergency instructions, and important reminders (don’t accidentally lock the cat in the closet!). The cute use of clip-art makes this my favorite item. MS Word.

Suggested Leave-Out Item Checklist with final reminders

Prints as page 2 of Visitor Instructions Poster. MS Word, 1 page.

Phone Message Form

Detailed enough for your family to answer the phone without forgetting to ask for all important information.


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