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Our forums encompass one of the busiest pet sitting communities in the world, with volunteer moderators that are committed to maintaining a friendly environment for all.

Whether you are looking for an opinion on policies, ideas, or support after having a rough day doing the rounds, you can be sure you will find it and much more on the PUPS Forums.

Membership to our group includes membership to our message board community, with over 11,000 other members  Here we post our latest tips, new research, and answers to pet sitter questions.  You'll find information on your forms, marketing practices, pricing tips and more.  You are also welcome to post options, questions, suggestions for the purchased items, and more.  This is a great group of friendly pet sitters.  You can post your questions, and we as well as members of the group will answer with experience, research, and opinions.

Your purchase also includes a free consultation and ongoing support - just ask a list of pet sitting / dog walking related questions on the message board and we will answer them with the information we've gathered from reading hundreds of pet sitter message board posts, personal experience, books, and from talking with experienced sitters at pet sitter group meetings. 

Or use your consultation time to have us make a modification to a couple of forms for you (or to help you learn how to do it) - perfect if you just can't get your logo to fit in the space allotted and don't know how to resize it!  Your consultation is available for up to 1 year after your purchase - so use it whenever you need it most. Consultation includes up to 30 minutes worth of our professional's time. General form & product questions, of course, will be answered at any time outside of this consultation also. 

We truly aim to please, and have made many new forms & extensive form modifications per user requests for no extra charge. Your input helps us make our items  better for all users.


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