E-mail forwarding alias

Membership also includes an email forwarding alias of your choice, as long as no one else has already chosen the same alias.  The alias will forward all email sent to it to any email address you choose.  So if you have a goofy email box, named something like "myhomeaddress@wi.rr.com", you can set up a forwarder, such as "HomeSweetHome@petsits.com" and give that to your clients to use.  All your email will be forwarded to "myhomeaddress@wi.rr.com" for you.  If you ever change your email box (for example, you no longer use Road Runner as your internet service), you can request your forwarder be changed to point at your new address.  Your clients will never know there was a change!  

Note: As of January 2010 we no longer recommend using forwarders for your business because of SPF checking used by some major email hosts.  However, we are still happy to offer them!


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